The Nature Nutritionist
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Back to nature…Forward to your best self


Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

Need to achieve a healthy weight? Looking to better control blood sugar as a diabetic? Considering an elimination diet for any number of health reasons? Need a meal plan to support an upcoming athletic event? Let’s talk about your specific needs!

Personal Meal Prep Chef

Need help consistently incorporating healthy meals into your week? Hate to cook or simply don’t have the time for it? Would you enjoy coming home to home cooked, real food, with fully modifiable meals? I can help with that!

Forest Therapy Guided Walks

We evolved outdoors, in nature. It only makes sense that reconnecting with nature benefits us physiologically, restores our mental health, and greatly impacts our emotional health & well-being. Why would you need a Forest Therapy walk? Click below!


Do you FEEL alive & well? Do you feel disconnected?

Through nutrition & wellness coaching, and reconnection to yourself, others, and the natural world, find better mental and physical health that touches every part of your life