A positive wellness transformation.


My philosophy:

One solution does not fit all. The journey to improved health should be a fun, tasty, learning experience. You should enjoy your overall plan, because if you don’t, how long will you stick to it? A tailored plan focusing on small changes and regular accountability and assessment meetings will lead to lasting changes for the better. Nutrient dense food, physical activity, and a quality physical and social environment (i.e., time in nature and genuine social connection) = better health. I help people to ENJOY living a healthier lifestyle.

My approach:

I am first going to learn everything I can about you from your medical history to your likes, dislikes, and goals for the future. Then I will spend a few days learning exactly what you are eating via photos. I am going to meet you where you are currently, and we will go on a journey from there. Everything may not go perfectly. That is why you have me, and it is why I have you. I am the expert of nutrition and wellness. You are the expert of you. I will help you navigate around (or over!) the bumps, and figure out the best plan of action, week to week. We start small, as you become confident with your healthy habits.

Why work with me?

If you feel a connection to my philosophy and my approach, then we should talk. I have a great interest in learning about you from the expert, YOU!

I do not believe in prescribing solutions that are drastically different from your current way of life. I want to understand where you are currently, and accompany you on your unique path from there. I truly enjoy the daily journey of wellness, which is important in my relationship with you. I have contagious enthusiasm, and am committed to our work together. I don’t judge practices, habits, or beliefs. I just want to understand you, educate you, and help you uncover the healthy person that is already inside of you. I come from a place of honest curiosity without judgement.

If you know you need to make some lifestyle changes because your declining health is affecting something, you, or someone you care about, if you become more anxious just thinking about how to make the changes towards a healthier lifestyle, if you don’t even know where to start with food or physical activity, please contact me for a complimentary consultation to see if we are a good fit for partnership.


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