The RD Meal Prep Chef

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Enjoy the benefits of eating a healthier diet without doing any of the work! I can take care of as little or as much as you need: 

-personalized meal planning

-grocery shopping & delivery

-ingredient prep only & cleaning

-meal prep & cleaning

-nutrition coaching

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-Meals outside of the home contain too many calories

-Those same meals also contain added sodium, sugar, and fillers

-Cooking at home requires time for meal planning & grocery shopping

-Additional time is required for ingredient & meal prep

-Lack of time, energy, or desire, to regularly prepare meals at home


-Hire a meal prep chef

-Save the time you would spend grocery shopping

-Save the time you would spend preparing ingredients

-Save the time you would spend preparing meals & cleaning up

-Have the support of a dietitian in planning your meals, resulting in better health

Ready to eat a bit healthier?   Training for an event?   Trying a new eating pattern?   Recently added to the family?   Aiming to feel better?   Desire a long-term solution for your nutrition plan?


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